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THE ENTREPRENEUR i like to call myself the idea machine. well, the self given title, still needs to be endorsed by others; these are the ones which i would like to execute myself in my startup or as a startup. there is also a brief mention of revenue aspects as well as recognition gained or submissions.
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Technology Ideas of Sumith Kumar Puri - The Entrepreneur
I first delved into entrepreneurship in about June-July 2008; though my first company was registered from April 2008. My last position in the industry before this was - Software Engineer at Symantec, India. The first project which I did under the name of my company was application enhancement for an e-commerce client in London. My company was registered as a sole proprietorship - named as TechArmy Technologies and registered at Gurgaon, India.

From April 2008 until June 2018, I have run 3 Startups, but with almost No Success. The Most Notable Reason for discontinuing the Startup(s) was my Inability to Secure Funding. I operated all of these Startup(s) using my Personal Savings and sometimes went back and forth between Employment and the Startup. All of the 3 Startups were Sole Proprietorship Entities (MSME Registered*) and were registered in either Bangalore or Gurgaon. The Details of these Startup(s) are:

1. TechArmy Technologies, Gurgaon (April 2008 - March 2012, Service Tax Registered, CA Registration Letter, Current Bank Account) [Last Legal Day: 30/March/2012]
2. Vajrin Software, Bangalore (February 2017 - June 2018, MSME Registered, GST Registered, Current Bank Account) [Last Legal Day: 30/June/2018]
3. Java Shiksha, Bangalore (February 2017 - June 2018, MSME Registered, Wholly Dependent on Vajrin Software, Bangalore) [Last Legal Day: 30/June/2018]

By November 2008, at the age of 26, I conceptualized the first product (beyond the ages of 13-17). This was a web based job search engine, careerguru. Though the product has not seen the light of the day until now, I did have multiple product ideas beyond that; which infact form part of a large product suite. Most of these ideas are related to newer core technology products, newer way of performing existing tasks, simple applications and even enterprise related innovations. I have mentioned abstract of almost all ideas here; explained only in a single line or sentence, due to associated and pending patents, publications and releases. You may come across some new terms, which may later become part of computing or software.

01a. dorado (
dorado aims to be the most efficient search engine on the internet, aimed at both ecommerce and personal users, based on context driven behavioral search.

01b. 8by8 (
8by8 is the context plugin for the fusionbase database, which will allow context deduction and effective indexing for text based search, that can also incorporate behavior.

01c. activerank (
activerank is a newer way of ranking pages, based on a collective or collaborative ranking system. it should corelate with the current patterns of usage on the internet.

01d. mowglee (
the geographic crawling, classification and indexing engine for the internet, which will provide functionality for all to index their url and related information on internet.

01z. jobbing (
the efficient multi level, multi country (social) job search engine with cheapest job advertising, single user interface for multi domain job search and job application.

01y. cinecat (
a naive attempt  to create a open database of all movies, live streams and also to provide legal video and audio. it is based on dorado image and media search.

02a. fusionbase (
a no sql graph database, with a plugin based architecture. this will be built specially for dorado, but will also be made available as an independent release.

03a. dogged (
dogged is adaptive survey engine that aims to determing depth of need and provides geographic index, adaptive index, business intelligence and analysis.

04a. adply (
adply introduces the concept of  meld advertising, a combination of online and integrated advertising with other modes of advertising on a single platform.

05a. bunnybook
bunnybook is an adult social network and a place to meet new people for companionship and dating.

06a. buzzy (
buzzy is a take on visual blogging, namely mood blogging, which also allows location determination, live feedback and temporary subscriptions.

07a. codesmith (
codesmith introduces the concept of software recycle which includes component development, code reuse, code refactoring all to create high quality catalog.

08a. focaltree (
focaltree suite is an attempt at low cost erp and application builder for businesses and other sectors.

08a. fountain (
fountain is part of the focaltree suite where all original ideas, feedback from customer and information are uploaded.

08b. fireplace (
fireplace is place to hold patentable information, confidential sales and marketing information, critical hiring, idea exchange, forums and feedback.

08d. freedom (
freedom is place to hold sales, marketing, engineering, support and hr come here for centralized information and live updates on product.

09a. livebox (
an attempt to be a high performance, commercial live streaming site for all types of moderated content, video database and even live speeches.

10a. lutsu (
the url packeting, emailing, shortening, analytics and sharing service. it also provides ad acceleration and neutral ad serving platform on the internet.

11a. sizzle (
the open social network, which is umoderated in all terms and is open for all type of users, including adult content.

12a. teety (
the 'emotional' social network, connecting people by events that happened year on year over the entire period of their life, .

13a. vita (
the integrated (and open for extension) social api, <one social life> aims to be a interface for all social networking services with a user interface.

14a. jiffies (
my style of working is task based and result oriented, with daily, weekly, monthly and yearly targets. i wanted to percolate this style.

15a. surftop (
need a splash screen or dashboard that can maintain the history between browsers and desktop,maintain history of usage across all modes.

16a. cashier (
cashier, the organisation a single unified payment gateway, payment history, carts, one click pay, mobile payments and other such wallet or payment related solutions.

17a. porus (
porus is a all-in-one home grown security product, which also provides heuristics that involve email, firewall, end points, files, boot and system related threats.

18a. cruzer (
cruzer is a need based outcome, a thin web browser, of the product suite that we envision. the web browser will bring in a completeness to the suite.

19a. mindrock (
mindrock is a platform for gaming and skill gaming. gaming in various genres, including mental, math, logical and analytical games – for all age groups.

20a. hypermall (
hypermall is an internet mall which resembles real-world visually and behaviorally. it allows you to set more competitive prices in the market.

21a. desklite (
esklite is cloud based word processing, spread sheet, presentation, storage and email software, and includes single access on all devices .

22a. snapper (
a dotcom idea that is a photo host and album for amateur, freelance and personal photographs. this also includes creating personalized albums.

23b. exploria (
a dotcom idea that is a travel encyclopaedia, mostly authored by the site owners,  along with direct links to book packages and travel tickets.

24a. klaxon (
a dotcom idea for a review site for users, that also includes price, quality, popularity, specification, market rating including dogged rating.

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