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THE PERSON the collection of all photographs. this may include photographs from college, school, sports, office and even my travels. this also includes my personal photographs which is what i usually post on all social networks, email networks, chat software and even dating sites! do rate them as you view.
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Photos of Sumith Kumar Puri
The collection of my Best Snaps. These were taken either during School, College, Sports, Office or are Personal Photographs. I keep adding to this collection. I like to travel and wherever I travel, I like to take pictures; especially of Museums, Historical sites, Beaches and Wildlife Sanctuaries. I also like to take a lot of Real Everday Life Photographs and also Photographs of my Own in Various Moods and that of Others. I had a Samsung Digital Camera which was 8 MP, but now i have one which is 12 MP. I plan to buy a SLR in the Near Future and get to some where near an Amateur or Hobbyist Photographer, especially of Nature or Wildlife. I also like to photograph 'Natural' situations or Photographs with a Moral.

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