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THE PROFESSIONAL my undying passion for my subject, computer science and information technology. this also includes the areas where i intend to continue building depth and volume; such as data mining, machine learning, software security, enterprise software architecture, analytics, software process and methodologies.
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Research Work of Sumith Kumar Puri - The Professional
I graduated from Sri Revana Siddeshwara Institute of Technology, Bangalore as Bachelor of Engineering, Information Science in July 2003. The following is a list of projects which were more research oriented and often led to outcomes such as software products, tools and publications. This includes internship and all of my entrepreneurship projects. Please also take time to visit my Technical Blog at My Blog is recgonized under the DZone Most Valuable Blogger program and under the Java Code Geek Program. I also contribute to the Ulitzer Java Subsite. Also, In the Year 2017-2018, I was promoted / elevated to the Senior Member Status in IEEE / IEEE-Computer Society and then as Senior Member in ACM / ACM India. I hope to meet the Standards for Distinguished Member in ACM / ACM India within the next ~5 Years.

#A [January 2003 – May 2003] Single Instruction Multiple Data on Pentium - Bachelor's Internship - (National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore)
Area: Computer Architecture/Software Performance > Technologies: C/C++, Inline Assembly, Linux  
National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL), a constituent of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), is India's pre-eminent civil R&D establishment in aeronautics and allied disciplines. The concept of Single Instruction Multiple Data and its associated advantages were researched and documented. As an intern, I was part of the team that developed the basic library routines to be later used on the MK V Supercomputer being developed at the labs. Led the team of 4 student members with all members being involved in all phases. Involved in research including literature survey and best practices, analyzing requirements, design & development of the library routines. Primarily worked on C/C++, Inline Assembly, Linux.
Environment: Unix > Role: Developer > Team Size: 4
Status: Evaluated > Outcome: Library Routines, Project Report

#B [November 2008 – April 2009] Jobbing - Entrepreneurship - (TechArmy, Gurgaon)
Area: Information Retrieval/Internet Product > Technologies: Java/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, mySQL, JBoss, JavaMail, JAX-WS
Jobbing is a new way of searching for jobs, where in a user searches for his desired position or role, using only free-text but from a massive database of relevant jobs. With each search and job application, Jobbing is actually taking the user closer to his dream or desired role. The front end of the application is built using DHTML and JSP. Spring is used in the middle tier, primarily because it provides logging integration and AOP. Hibernate combined with Lucene/Hibernate Search is the driving force behind Jobbing. Some components within the business tier, have been entirely homegrown and then integrated with the frameworks. mySQL database in a clustered environment, with the use of horizontal data partitioning is the persistence mechanism in the application. Web Services are made available, so that other websites or users can display Jobbing results on their web pages.

Environment: Windows, Unix > Role: Conceptualization, Architect, Development
Status: Business Plan, Feature List, Prototype > Intended Outcome: (a job search engine with the concept of a single integrated interface and intelligent job search)

#C [April 2010 – September 2010] Vita - Entrepreneurship - (TechArmy, Gurgaon)
Area: Software Engineering/Social Networking > Technologies: Java/J2EE, C++, Spring, Hibernate, ExtJS, Qt, mySQL, JBoss, Translate API, JavaMail, JAX-WS
Vita is a multi-protocol, multi-network, multi-lingual social networking product for the internet, desktop and mobile. At the time of conceptualization, it is planned to have seven editions of release. This involves providing inbuilt translational capabilities for the major languages of the world. It has a web user interface that is developed using ExtJS. There are numerous home grown components that are applied to web user interface. The desktop and the mobile user interfaces are based on Qt. The server side is built entirely out of Spring, with persistence provided by Hibernate. The logging mechanisms are built out of Log4j, with use of Spring AOP. It makes use of Translate and Transliterate API, alongwith a homegrown translation API. The web services are built on JAX-WS and all the server-side components are deployed in JBoss..
Environment: Windows, Linux, iOS, Symbian, Android > Role: Conceptualization, Analyst, Architect, Design, Development
Status: Business Plan, Technical Architecture > Intended Outcome: (a pluggable and integrated social networking that introduces the concept of social id)

#D [November 2010 – February 2011] Dorado - Entrepreneurship - (TechArmy, Gurgaon) *
Area: Machine Learning/Search Engine > Technologies: Java/J2EE, Ajax, Spring, Hibernate, Lucene, Eclipse, Maven, JBoss, C++
Dorado is the next generation search engine, based on context driven and behavioural search algorithms and ideas. It is completely based on Java/J2EE, deployed in a multi-tiered and clustered way for scalability, extensibility and availability. dorado brings in multiple new concepts to the world of search and of revenue generation for ecommerce and online stores. Apart from this, it is also available as a platform for developers to develop innovative applications. dorado is also available on mobile and as an gaming engine. Dorado, additionally provides tools like collaborate, viewer and local search.
Environment: Windows, Linux, iOS, Symbian, Android > Role: Conceptualization, Architect, Design, Development
Status: Technical Architecture, Analysis > Intended Outcome: (the world's first context driven behavioral search engine that returns simple as well as context results)

#E [July 2011 – November 2011] Dogged - Entrepreneurship - (TechArmy, Gurgaon) *
Area: Data Mining/Survey Engine > Technologies: Java/J2EE, Ajax, JSP, Servlet, Eclipse, Apache Tomcat
Adaptive Survey is a similar innovation that is applied to internet survey engines. It is based on the principle that creators of surveys, such as business organizations are more influenced not only by a black and white result of the survey, but on 'how much' the actual product is required by these surveyed users. This might sound a bit confusing, as it is more of a user adaptive survey, where the next survey question is based on his previous answer. There are a lot of advantages associated with such surveys as mentioned later; more importantly it allows fine tuning a company’s strategy and allowing them to save their revenue on an otherwise undesirable artifact. Adaptive Survey is targeted at achieving high customer focus and to get the customer differentiation, working towards getting an in depth insight into the customer's mind, taking up the survey. It adapts to every user, based on his previous answers and finally not only comes up with survey results, but also with an adaptive index - which can be thought of as an 'eagerness or want index' toward the surveyed artifacts. dogged is our flagship product based on this concept.
Environment: Windows, Linux > Role: Conceptualization, Architect, Design, Development
Status: Screen Prototypes, Presentation > Intended Outcome: (an adaptive survey engine that measures the depth of need of an entity and provides corrective measures)

#F [November 2011 – March 2012] Lutsu! - Entrepreneurship / Higher Studies - (TechArmy, Gurgaon)
Area: Online Advertising/Ad Analytics > Technologies: Java/J2EE, Ajax, JSP, Servlet, Eclipse, Apache Tomcat
Lutsu! stands for {long url to short url} and is to be used for all facets of url management which includes url shortening, url lengthening, url packeting, url preview, url social sharing and url emailing. Lutsu! also aims to provide the most comprehensive url analytics on the internet, which also includes charting, showing live streams, distribution by geographies, distribution by referrals. On the same lines, we also provide a never before heard of live ad performance, with tools to improve performance of your ad campaign – which includes targeting specific media, specific geographies, specific content or specific users by their usage habits. We will also support multiple formats of advertisement, such as video, audio, presentations, widgets, forms and even simple flash. Lutsu! is a technically advanced solution as it even provides the power to developers to use it in their own apps, via generation of a simple lutsu! api key and ref key. Lutsu! also plans to integrate with multiple websites via simple widget code. Lutsu! has an efficient api to sms, email and share (social networks) the urls. So, it allows advertisers to choose their own option to advertise on sms, social networks, home page, redirection page and even allows you to take on the lutsu! website, via your own custom theme.

Environment: Windows, Linux > Role: Conceptualization, Architect, Design, Development
Status: Alpha Release, Business Plan, Feature List > Intended Outcome: (a url analytics and management platform for online advertising and ad acceleration)

#PU8 [Aug 2015] The Concept of Software Recycle #ACCEPTED/PUBLISHED
Computer Society of India Communications (Volume 39, Issue 5, Green Computing

[Aug 2014] Information Technology to Curb Piracy in Bollywood #ACCEPTED/PUBLISHED
Computer Society of India Communications (Volume 38, Issue 5, Security & Governance)

#PU2 [Aug 2014] Adaptive Analytics Based Surveys #ACCEPTED/PUBLISHED/PRESENTED
Computer Society of India (International Conference on Innovations in Computer Science and Engineering)

#PU0 [Apr 2014]
Efficient Geo Web Crawler in Java #ACCEPTED/PUBLISHED
The Java Magazine – Independent Mag for Java Developers(Vol. 1, No.3 Issue  03/2014(03))
Computer Society of India Communications (Volume 38, Issue 4, Practitioner Workbench)

#PU1 [Mar 2014] Intricacies of Multi-Threading in Java
Computer Society of India Communications (Volume 37, Issue 11, Practitioner Workbench)
Hakin9 – IT Security Magazine (Volume 9, Issue No. 01 – Secure Coding)

#PU3 [Mar 2014] The New Age Search Engines #ACCEPTED/PUBLISHED/PRESENTED
Computer Society of India (Conference on IT in Business, Industry and Government)

[Jul 2014] The Socially Acceptable Social Networks #ACCEPTED/PUBLISHED
National Journal of Computer Science and Technology (Volume 5, Issue 1 & Issue 2)

[Aug 2013] The Feedback Based Software Development Process #ACCEPTED
Computer Society of India (National Conference on Software Engineering)

#PU6 [Jan 2008] Compile-Time Dynamism using Java Generics #ACCEPTED/PUBLISHED
CodeGuru (Code Guru Java, J2EE or J2ME Based Software Articles)

#BK0 [2021] Microservices Architecture : The Decision Maker #
Notion Press Media Private Limited, India (Available on Amazon Prime, Flipkart India)

#BK1 [2022] The Ultimate Interview Guide for Java Architect #PROPOSAL IN PROGRESS
(Top Programming
Title/Book Publisher of India)

22] The Ultimate Practice Guide for Enterprise Java
(Top Programming
Title/Book Publisher of India)

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