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THE STUDENT as a student of computer science, i am always keen to participate in various contests which are related to software architecture, software design, software development, software entrepreneurship and innovation. it mentions only the contest which have national or international merit; as also pipelined will mostly find computer and information science here, which is my true passion.
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Contest Record of Sumith Kumar Puri - The Student (+Professional)
I am a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Science (2003) from Sri Revana Siddeshwara Institute of Technology. Right from the start of my Bachelor's, I have taken part in Programming, Web Design, Software Architecture, Software Design and even Technology Innovation & Creativity Contests. I have more than 17.5 years of industry and work experience, with my highest designation in the industry being Head of Product Engineering. I am still an enthusiast of these contests and participate whenever I have the time. I put all contests that I have participated until now, only on this page. I have also completed my Executive Program (Data Mining & Analytics) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee and Executive Certificate Program (Entreprenurship) from the Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur.

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Year Type of Contest Organization, Institute, Website Languages, Areas, Platform Total Participants Result
1999 Inter Collegiate Progamming (Team) MVIT, Bangalore [TechFest] C, Algorithms, MS-DOS ~25 College Teams Finalist
2001 Internet and Web Design (Team) SJCIT, Chickballapur [Sambhrama] HTML, Javascript, CSS, Windows ~25 College Teams 2nd Prize
2005 Computer Programming (Individual) Google, India [CodeJam] Java, Algorithms ~14,000 in South East Asia Top 500 / Semi-Finalist
2011 Software Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneur) Microsoft, USA [Bizspark] Java, J2EE, Analytics, Windows ~Open Worldwide Recognition / Acceptance
2015 Computer Programming (Individual) TechGig, India [Code Gladiators] Java, Algorithms ~80,000 in India Semi-Finalist / Top 500 (Open)
2015 Code and Idea Hackathon (Team) Societe Generale, India [Brainwaves] Java, Java EE, Drools, Windows ~150 Applications Finalist / Top 8 (Onsite)
2015 Recognized*/Selected* DZone* [MVB Program] Java, Java EE, Algos, DS, Software Design --- DZone Most Valuable Blogger*
2015 Recognized*/Selected* Java Code Geek [JCG Program] Java, Java EE, Software Architecture/Design --- Java Code Geek Program
2015 Winner Accenture In India [YouTube Contest] Big Data, Technology, Creativity Winner (Big Data Track) YouTube Video Contest
2017 Engineering Communities (Industry Professional) IEEE / Computer Society [Worldwide Community] Software Architect/Software Engineer Top ~10% of ~425,000 Senior Member, IEEE
2018 Engineering Communities (Industry Professional) ACM / ACM-India [Worldwide Community] Software Architect/Software Engineer Top ~03% of ~110,000 Senior Member, ACM
2021 Developer Community (Elevated) DZone* [Worldwide Community] Java, Java EE, Algos, DS, Software Design --- DZone Core (Elevated)
2020 Developer Community Friends of Open JDK [Worldwide Community] Java, Java EE, Microservices ---
2021 Developer Community/Paid Blogger Technology Advice [Online Dev Magazine] Java, Java EE, Algos, DS, Microservices ---,
2021 Finalist (Top 8) - Internal Mphasis [Internal Hackathon] Java, Java EE, Drools Fusion, Drools Expert Finalist (Rank #7 out of 106) Mphasis Internal Hackathon
2022 Winner (External) Xebia-Microsoft-GitHub [External Blog-a-thon] Event Driven Architectures, Microservices Winner Xebia-Microsoft Blog-a-thon

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